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I had a situation in which the best of conventional methodologies were not working. The approach The 2MGroup proposed appeared to address none of the issues, but I trusted them and, besides, nothing that appeared to address the issues was working. A project that was losing ground in lock step with a down market, broke from the trends and began posting increases while the market continued to drop. The work they implemented was ground-breaking and award-winning and it produced a result far beyond expectation. I cannot imagine any other group creating the approach they used.
— Everett Merriman, Managing Director | Northwestern Mutual Life

2M’s direction was strong, their dedication was impressive and I could always count on their follow-through and consistency. When we asked them to develop environmental signage systems for an outdoor property, they came through with something so ingenious that it became a public relations story. And when we asked them to develop a concept for launching an urban mixed-use development, what they created drew 6 million people, and created traditions that continue to this day for that community. Rarely have I had the pleasure of working with such a strong and good group of people.
— Kim Wenrich, VP/Corporate Communications | The Hahn Company

During a year-long formation process, Meg worked with the Executive Committee and the architects as we developed the master plan for a 2000 hectare project of residential communities in Portugal. Her experience with charrettes and use plan approaches made her a great addition to our team and the value of her work is indisputable.
— Rodrigo Olsen, COO | S.A.I.P. Portugal

As the newly hired CEO, I was faced with a challenge of taking a moderate sized, moderately successful line of spa related products out of the home bathtub of the founder and into the world market. The 2M Group was initially charged with generating design concepts for new packaging. By the time the project was in full swing, they were designing, sourcing, naming, and creating the visual presence for an entirely new line of product. Of equal importance they became true business partners to me and played roles ranging from strategic advisors to tactical facilitators. The partnership we had was unique and extremely valuable to the growth of the company.
— Avery Gavigan, CEO | Essentiel Elements | US/UK

I was tapped to formulate and launch an entirely new line of business for a conservative, Germany-based manufacturer, then take it worldwide. I saw some 2M work at a major trade show and contacted them. Once I had laid out my idea, they became virtually everything one would expect to find in an in-house new product development group – design, sourcing, scripting, researching, pro forma creation, presentation, literally anything and everything I needed. It was an exciting time and a great collaborative creative experience and their work directly led to the successful sale of the business to a major European pharmaceutical company.
— Uta Birkmayer | COO | Kneipp Wërke, Germany

Meg is incredibly strategic and creative, an unparalleled business professional who consistently delivers excellence. I have been a client of Meg’s and The2MGroup at two different times. The first occasion was as a result of an RFP process that The2MGroup easily won then delivered outstanding and innovative work. The second time was a situation where a break-through, impactful package had to be conceived, developed and assembled in two days as a critical companion piece to a business proposal. This resulted in my company being awarded the development and asset management contract. I recommend Meg to anyone who is looking for a highly talented, strategic, effective professional.
— Barbara Nicklas, VP Marketing | Howard Hughs Corp.

I had a great idea and a great idea and a dollar will get you a cup of coffee. For my great idea to have any chance of happening, it had to be understood, then communicated, powerfully and compellingly. The communication had to get to exactly the right people in exactly the right way. Then those people had to be walked, sometimes step-by-step through the extraordinary maze of reasons to say no. They managed the sales, the media, the members. the houses and the investors to perfection. That is exactly what The 2M Group has done and that is why my great idea is still to this day a living, growing entity.
— Graham Kos, Founder | Solstice