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The Results Engine.


saying it louder won't help.

We've all seen it happen.  Sometimes we've found ourselves doing it too. You know the pattern:  if they don't understand, say it again and again – louder and louder.   Sales can be guilty of the same thing.

Lead generation

For sales to deliver while building the brand itself, its job is to communicate what's different, what's interesting, or implicitly what's valuable to a market who will be interested. The customer will appreciate a conversation. A conversation builds a relationship. It becomes an act of translating what's important to the architect or designer into what is beneficial to the consumer.  The bottom line is making sure the most meaningful word is heard.

But remember to avoid generating leads for leads-sake.  It has to be the right product and the communications must be spoken to the audience who will respond.  We've seen far too many sales leads generate interest only to have the flame extinguished when the markets arrive.  Pick your partners wisely; not all lead generators are created for the kind of audience you aim to attract.  Most are mass marketers whose skills align with technology first, and brand values somewhere down the line.

Become the flame that attracts.

With strategic marketing principles and a communication hierarchy in place, the market will pre-qualify their interest, allowing sales to be responsive as opposed to assertive. They will hear what is being said if you're speaking to an audience with the propensity to want what it is you have to offer. 

Skilled sales understand that successful communications are a seduction process held up to a market who ought to be inclined to respond.   It is a carefully-honed sculpture, a hierarchy of information designed to speak to the markets respectfully, building lasting relationships that are naturally inclined to build a referral business. 

An appreciative customer becomes your greatest ally.

When done artfully, the markets have a sense of discovering what they have yearned for – you.  Discovery consists of a sense of wonder, an appreciation for what may be rare, unique, useful, beneficial.

Knowing how a product works is not nearly as important to the consumer as knowing what it does. People don't buy a well-made mattress, they buy a good night's sleep. And if the other mattress manufacturer is selling a good night's rest, you start selling sweeter dreams.

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.
— Winston Churchill

successful selling is never random.

Step No. 1:  Build the perfect team with innovative methodology.

Step No. 1: 
Build the perfect team with innovative methodology.

Step No. 2: Direct thoughtful language; motivate clear demeanor.

Step No. 2:
Direct thoughtful language; motivate clear demeanor.

Step No. 3: Provide with inspired  instruments..

Step No. 3:
Provide with inspired  instruments..

Step No. 4: Observe. Listen. Empower. Measure.

Step No. 4:
Observe. Listen. Empower. Measure.

In the end, it's all about people

So, yes, we believe that the fundamentals of life still apply. That acknowledgement and appreciation matter.  Human contact is meaningful. And listening – truly listening – is its single most important quality.

Good selling is a methodical process. Greatness in sales will only come from people who enjoy – genuinely enjoy – other people and the process.  But never, ever, expect sales excellence from the very best teams with an ordinary project, a misfit product, or a so-so destination. To sell without authenticity breaks a fundamental tenet for those whose pleasure it is to inspire people to buy.

The greatest assets of a business are people-related: its employees, its markets, its connectors. They will tolerate a break in respect perhaps only once (often not even that).  It has always been said that you have only one chance to make a first impression; the mirror of that axiom is this:  The cost is ten times greater to get a lost customer back again, never knowing how much poor "press" they have shed to others during the process of their disappointment. Details matter. Attention and respect for your market and people behind the business makes the difference.