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Commercial  |  Shopping Centers  | Mixed-Use


Those "if you build it, they will come"  days are long gone. To build successfully requires strategic thinking, exquisite development, and crystal clear focus.  "Competition" isn't what it once meant; today competition is where people spend their time and money when they aren't with you.  Away from home, yes.  On an overnight flight? Yep.  Camping? Glamping? So why will they come to you?  How will they make that commitment?  Will they come back?  Does the off-site experience elevate your brand? Basic questions, certainly.  Essentials in building successful marketplaces?  Absolutely.

S.A.I.P. (Portugal)
Boothcreek Resorts
Brookfield Development

Federal Realty Trust
Forbes Cohen
GF | a  (Mexico)

C.L. Segerstrom & Sons
Hines | Hines Interest
Northwestern Mutual Life
The Irvine Company

KSL Capital Partners



shopping centers

Urban  |  Regional |  Community |  Specialty

It is no longer about location alone.  Retail is changing dramatically and developers of brick-and-mortar shopping must think far beyond concrete and fountains, planters and skylights if they are to master the ability to deliver investment returns. Being a good construction contractor is not the core competency for breakthrough development today.

Consider this:  When will a visionary developer think bigger than the best of the best retailers?  It's time.  Stop a moment and think about it.  The world of consumers are yearning for something else.  Something exciting.  Something better. Different.  Unexpected. So, what are you waiting for?

Ala Moana | Hawaii
Broadway Plaza | California
Canal Plance / New Orleans
Chicago Place | Illinois

Fashion Island | California
Dallas Galleria / Texas


Houston Galleria / Texas
Horton Plaza | California

Park Meadows / Denver
Santa Monica Place / California
Somerset Collection | Michigan
Southcoast Plaza | California



Mixed-use developments

mixing it up can make sense.

Tourism is among the highest-risk businesses on earth.  Seasons change.  Unforeseen circumstances impact countries, regions, weather.  Shopping has become a global redundancy. 

So how do the best handle it?  Mixing up use patterns is a start when developing the master plan.  Nothing will break a pro forma more quickly than assuming a market will respond before considering the many elements that impact consumer decision-making.  Before the first shovel hits, before first heads hit beds, build detailed strategy into the bones of the plan.

Alentejano | Portugal
Bahamas | Private Island
Balvanera | Mexico
Mont Chéri | France
Ghirardelli Square | USA

Destiladeros | Mexico
Northstar, Lake Tahoe | USA
Sea Island  | USA

Santa Fe, New Mexico
Santana Row | USA