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It is not easy to build or sustain. 
And it has to appear absolutely effortless.


know what we mean?

If your goal is excellence, then we suspect you already have uncommon respect for the art of image-management and its vital role in building a strong brand. 

Have you ever wondered where image actually begins?  For example, who made the decision to create a singular color for Tiffany – and why blue?  Did the person who made that choice love robins' eggs - just because – or were they influenced by someone, once, who did?  Why is Cartier red that particular shade?  And what made the Hermes family select bright orange?

It isn't just about color.  It's about personality and a pragmatic commitment to sticking with it through years of visibility.  Think about it:  what businesses come to your mind and what image comes to mind?

Think about Apple.  Do you think color – or do you see that bite out of a perfectly-shaped Macintosh?  How has Apple become the world's most valuable brand?  It isn't simply because of technology – but they understand how their technology has to consistently deliver their promises.  Their commitment has been as much about what the product does for the lives of its customers as it has been to delivering every single item with style – from the boxes to the stores, the instructions to the site.  Apple customers are passionate about their products – and it didn't happen by accident.

Think about Nike.  The image is seen on just about every sports uniform under the sun – not a single word is visible.  On the other hand, their slogan is more remembered than almost any other brand.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like.
Design is how it works.
— Steve Jobs

Google.  Do you think of a single color?  How about a single graphic?  Maybe not.  Google's display of its vast engine of activity is reflected in their always-evolving and always-relevant home page logo.

We’re grateful people come to our homepage, and if we can give them 30 seconds of messing around before they go on with their day, that’s great.
— Ryan Germick

Image goes far and wide in building a brand.  It is about color, about texture and about style.  It's about words, names and the sound that happen when someone walks through your door or when they hear the music bed behind your ad.  How memorable you are isn't just one decision, it's an over-arching commitment to making every single decision within an endless number of choices.  Branding image is about visual effects, textures, words, pace, photography, size, frequency, events, sensations and yes, color.

With mass information has come the opportunity for mass marketing, mass manufacturing and mass consumption.  Brilliant businesses and uncommon brands break through in industries that aren't always fashion, luxury and high-end.  But they are always committed to excellence through ever element of their companies.