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What Do People Think?

Positively  |  Negatively  |  Not At All


Each Impression counts.

Keith Bright had it right when he said there are only three possible ways people can think of your company:

They think of you positively,
They think of you negatively,
They don't think of you at all.

The opinions people have about your company are influenced by the impressions they form about you – often subconsciously – when they walk through your door, hear a greeting, browse your website, read an article, or receive an eBlast.  What it takes to secure and then keep a customer goes beyond formulaic business-building in this day of information bombardment.

uncommon business
Is about building relationships.


Quality is a part of uncommon business.  It doesn't begin with the doorway alone.  It can come from the driveway, the site sign, the sign band or when people see your logo or hear your name.  Other times it's when someone describes your newest product to a friend, or when they read an article about you. Every single word makes an impression.  Words matter in Uncommon Business.

Impressions are made in the way your markets experience you, how they hear you in the boardroom, in the dressing room, coming through a gate or logging on to your site.  Impressions add up through snaps, chats, pins and tweets.  It all combines to become a voice – but it can get out of control easily.  Public Relations is a part of uncommon business.

think at the macro level.
but deliver excellence at the micro level.

Brilliant brands develop their experiences, select their materials, guide their message, build human relations, manage the media, tighten the sales process and influence the product development itself.  The list is not endless, but the work and attention to detail never ends. Nothing is casual. Every touch point counts. 

Uncommon businesses have a pulse that is sensed inside every single decision.  They are committed to delivering beyond expectations.  They consistently break through the clutter, punch above their weight, and with years of consistency, they become reliably part of their customers' everyday lexicon.